How we Work


All our courses are conducted in a facilitator-led environment. The training we provide allows interaction between the learners and the facilitator. There is more emphasis on hands-on approach practising to ensure greater understanding of the study in question.



Our Facilitators are equipped with skills to impart knowledge to students and are adequately qualified in their fields of expertise; they use current industry standard technology. The facilitators are required to continuously upgrade their Certification and knowledge as per the Industry requirements with today’s Technology continually changing.



InfoAvenue has qualified assessors and moderators with years of experience, so all assessments are performed in-house. Students are assessed against registered unit standards and/or qualifications. In the absence of the existence of such unit standards, international benchmarks are used.


We have great assistance from our International Courseware Providers as far as assessments are concerned. Course material comes with very clear objectives, baseline assessments and a variety of formative assessments and post-task summative assessments to test the users’ ability to perform the actual tasks.


For the national standards, we find most of the unit standards to be clearly defined. As we deliver such a wide variety of training, we are currently in the process of developing assessments.


InfoAvenue has always integrated technical services and training courses with the work environment to further promote competency. 


Training can be focused precisely on the delegates training needs coupled with idenfication of competency-related criteria.