Office Management

Short Course

The Short Course Certificate in Office Management involves coordinating activities within an office environment. Some of these activities include planning, setting office guidelines and procedures, keeping the work flow, time management and employee orientation.


  • Introduction to Business English
  • Face-to-face Communication
  • Organisational Skills

Introduction to Business English

  • Introduction to communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Business writing
  • Speaking, listening and reading skills
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Work readiness

Face-to-face Communication

  • Face the Facts
  • Recognize Face-to-Face Impact
  • Appreciate the Advantages
  • Understand the Behaviors
  • Conquer Your Fears
  • Factor in Personality Preferences
  • Practice Your Nonverbals
  • Value the Unspoken
  • Be Aware of Your Body
  • Check Your Physical Appearance
  • Take Advantage of Your Voice
  • Watch the Clock
  • Consider Spatial Arrangements
  • Choose Your Words Carefully
  • Realize Your Words Have Impact
  • Create a Positive Impression
  • Phrase Your Words for a Business Context
  • Update Your Language
  • Listen Closely
  • Enhance Your Listening Ability
  • Give Nonverbal Feedback
  • Delay Your Response
  • Paraphrase and Clarify
  • Affirm the Speaker’s Feelings
  • Suggest Options
  • Communicate Across the Miles
  • Adapt Face-to-Face Strengths to Other Communication
  • Respect Cross-Cultural Preferences
  • Gesture with Care
  • Learn Language Differences
  • Avoid Idiomatic Speech

Organisational Skills

Learn how to manage different types of information (written, oral, electronic), effective time management and organising methods to increase productivity, how to organise within a team by coordinating with others.

    •    Grade 10 AND
    •    Learners must be at least 16 years of age AND
    •    Learners must be able to read and write in English
    •    Computer Skills


Learners attend instructor- led sessions at our Richards Bay centre, training includes practicals. Seats are limited to 08 learners per class ensuring each learner receives individual attention and gain the required skill to perform tasks at hand. 


This course is a Provider Programme.
Provider Programmes are quality assured and certified by the provider, that means by InfoAvenue. They are not registered on the NQF, do not carry any national credits; and do not lead to a National Qualification.

Provider Programmes exist to help develop your skills. They are usually short courses, and professional career development courses. If you need to learn skills that you can apply in your work fast, then often a provider programme or short course is the fastest way to get there.

On successful course completion learners will receive InfoAvenue Course Mastery Certification.


Registration Fee: R300
(Payable on Registration, once off)

cash payment: R4 500

TERMS: R2 000 Deposit, R1 500 for 2 months 

Course Duration

  •  3 Months

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