CompTIA Network+ Certification

The CompTIA Network+ course builds on your existing user-level knowledge and experience with personal computer operating systems and networks to present the fundamental skills and concepts that you will need to use on the job in any type of networking career. It also addresses the content described in the exam objectives for the CompTIA Network+ certification. 

If you are pursuing a CompTIA technical certification path, obtaining the CompTIA A+ certification is an excellent first step to take before preparing for the CompTIA Network+ examination. 



Networking Concepts

  • Explain the purposes and uses of ports and protocols.
  • Explain devices, applications, protocols and services at their appropriate OSI layers.
  • Explain the concepts and characteristics of routing and switching.
  • Configure the appropriate IP addressing components
  • Compare and contrast the characteristics of network topologies, types and technologies.
  • Implement the appropriate wireless technologies and configurations.
  • Summarize cloud concepts and their purposes.
  • Explain the functions of network services.


  • Deploy the appropriate cabling solution.
  • Determine the appropriate placement of networking devices on a network and install/configure them
  • Explain the purposes and use cases for advanced networking devices.
  • Explain the purposes of virtualization and network storage technologies.
  • Compare and contrast WAN technologies.

Network Operations

  • Use appropriate documentation and diagrams to manage the network.
  • Compare and contrast business continuity and disaster recovery concepts.
  • Explain common scanning, monitoring and patching processes and summarize their expected outputs.
  • Use remote access methods.
  • Identify policies and best practices.

Network Security

  • Summarize the purposes of physical security devices.
  • Explain authentication and access controls.
  • Secure a basic wireless network. Summarize common networking attacks.
  • Implement network device hardening.
  • Explain common mitigation techniques and their purposes.

Network Troubleshooting and Tools

  • Explain the network troubleshooting methodology.
  • Use the appropriate tool.
  • Troubleshoot common wired connectivity and performance issues.
  • Troubleshoot common wireless connectivity and performance issues.
  • Troubleshoot common network service issues.


  • Grade 10 AND
  • Learners must be at least 16 years of age AND
  • Learners must be able to read and write in English
  • CompTIA A+ skills


Learners attend instructor- led sessions at our Richards Bay centre, training also includes practicals. Seats are limited to 08 learners per class ensuring each learner receives individual attention and gain the required skill to perform tasks at hand. 


Learners are assessed continuously throughout their learning experience at InfoAvenue to ensure understanding and skill gain. On successful course completion learners will receive InfoAvenue Course Mastery Certification. International exams are optional and can be written at any Pearson Vue Testing Centre in South Africa at a fee. 


Registration Fee

R300 (Payable on Registration, once off)
cash payment: R4 900

R2 500 Deposit, R1 000 for 3 months 

Course Duration

  • 20 Days (working individuals, full time and part-time classes are available)
  • 4 Months (School leavers & unemployed individuals) 


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